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Pictures of some of our designs. These are just some of the necklaces we've done. INCLUDING THE NEW RUBBER CORD DESIGNS!!

Please scroll down to read more about our products, time frame and care.

Made with your choice of:

Hemp colors (click for examples of colors) (We can do either all one color, or a mixture of two.)

OR We are now doing necklaces with rubber cord as well!

Rubber rope does not stiffen like leather, will not crack over time and reduces bacterial growth from sweat, body oils and water. It can also be easily cleaned with soap and water. Only $15 for a necklace with this amazing cord!

Your choice of bead colors and designs (there are no examples of beads specifically because we have many too many to put pictures of all of them up here, and they are changing all the time. Plus there are limitless possibilities for others we can order!

Skydiving closing pin, or charm of your choice (both, for an additional charge)

We do NOT recommend you wearing our jewelry while skydiving. Please leave it on the ground to avoid possible injury!

Pricing Info and Time Frame

Prices are listed on the order form. Shipping and handling *is* included in those prices. (All prices are effective March 12, 2002.) As for Payment, I prefer PayPal but will gladly accept Money Orders, and personal checks. Do you live abroad? No problem, I welcome all orders, domestic & international (same price).

All orders are done as quickly as possible, as we receive them. Please keep in mind that these are all custom made, by hand, by myself and Merrick according to YOUR personal specifications, therefore none are pre-made and ready immediately. Therefore, patience is appreciated! 4-5 weeks is an average quote, but they are sometimes done more quickly if possible or orders are slow at the time it's received. More time may be needed if special orders for beads or charms are required to give us time to receive them in. Again, thank you for your patience.

About & Care For The Jewelry

Our necklaces are made with high quality hemp for durability, however, hemp is a natural material that will wear with use and time. Repeatedly getting it wet, particularly in salt water, will speed up the 'wear' of the necklace.

As always, we use a silver lobster clasp closure for ease when taking necklace on and off, as well as insuring that the necklace won't come unclasped while you're wearing it, such as in freefall.

We are also now using a keyring-type of silver ring to attach the closing pins onto the necklace with, which we believe will lessen the likelihood of the pin being able to come off the necklaces.

Click here to order!

Or email me at this address if you have questions or it is more convenient:

Pam@dropzonejewelry.com or Merrick@dropzonejewelry.com